Fitness With Cindy Core Bootcamp: Week 1


Welcome! Start here. Watch the short video below for a brief overview of the program and how you can maximize your success.


Complete 3 workouts per week using your choice of the videos below. You should also work to incorporate aerobic exercise, like walking, dancing, taking a group fitness class, etc. to rev up your metabolism.

Click above to view the standing workout option.

Click above to view the mat workout option.


Watch the video and read the text below it for an overview of how to begin transforming your diet in a way that will positively affect your midsection and complement your bootcamp workouts.

Foods That Add To Your Waistline

In the video above, you saw some of the offenders that can quickly add inches to your mid-section.

I suggest you work on the following options during the course of this boot camp to make certain you will see success. Besides looking better with a slimmer waistline, getting rid of that visceral fat will ward off dangerous health consequences such insulin resistance, diabetes, heart disease and inflammation.

Try one or more of these options:

Moderation. We all have foods we can’t live without. Try cutting back on those unhealthy choices and treat yourself to them just once a week.

Substitution. Replace with foods that have a similar taste and consistency but that are more beneficial to your body. Find some ideas for swaps you can make below.

Get rid of them. Give them to a neighbor who can use them because for many of us, if it is in the house, we are going to eat it. For myself, if potato chips are in the house, I Iose all self control. Many junk foods have been specifically designed to stimulate our feel-good endorphins, which makes it hard to stop eating them once we start.

Try Making The Following Substitutions 

  • Sugar has absolutely no nutritional value. Better choices include Stevia, Xylitol, Honey, Blackstrap molasses, and maple sugar.
  • Pasta is loaded with flour. Try making or buying noodles made from spaghetti squash, zucchini, spiralized sweet potato noodles, or turnips.
  • White flour can be substituted with almond, coconut or quinoa flour.
  • White bread be gone. Opt for Ezekiel bread, rated one of the healthiest breads available. Rye and sourdough are other healthier choices.
  • White rice. The most popular substitute right now is cauliflower rice. Also try red or white quinoa. If you can’t give up rice, try cutting your portion in half and adding some cut up vegetables to the rice.
  • Sodas, which have almost 10 teaspoons of sugar in an 8 ounce can, would better be replaced with water with lemon or lime, coffee, iced or hot tea. Pellegrino mineral water is becoming another popular choice. Add a few beet chips for flavor.
  • Candy and sweets. How about a small piece of 70% cacao dark chocolate, just a piece of hard candy to satisfy the sweet tooth, or a few chocolate dipped strawberries? One medium glass of chocolate milk is also acceptable, especially after a workout. Experiment with fruits you are not accustomed to eating like raspberries, pears or peaches and you may find them sweeter than what you remember.
  • Potato chips (my downfall). As fast as I can, I reach for macadamia nuts, pistachio nuts, any nut in a reasonable amount, baked sweet potato fries or chips and I will be trying to make my own beets chips.

Just substituting a few of our less healthy choices can make major changes to our health and the way we feel in our clothes. Change is not easy, but work at it for the 4 weeks and you should start to see a difference.

 You can do this! Here’s to FEELING GOOD!

See you next week for Week 2!