Workout DVDs for Seniors

These programs are specifically designed to address the unique challenges we face as we age. Build strength, improve your endurance, maintain your mobility and relieve pain!

Full Body Tone & Firm DVD

Cardio, strength training and stretching exercises designed specifically for ages 55 and older.

Total Beginner DVD

Ease into exercise at your own pace with a mix of chair and standing workouts for cardio and strength.

Arthritis Relief DVD

Relieve arthritis pain with gentle, targeted exercises to loosen up stiff joints and relieve inflammation.

The Fitness With Cindy Philosophy


Feeling good means being able to see the world, play with your grandchildren, maintain your independence and enjoy life. None of it can happen without your health!

My senior fitness videos and articles will give you the tools you need to fight pain, boost energy and overcome the unique challenges (or as I like to call them, adventures!) we face as we age.