Senior Cardio Workouts

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Build strength, challenge your balance and reduce stress

This 8-minute dance workout is too much fun!

Tone your muscles and give your heart a great workout

See if you can name that tune for a mind and body workout!

Get your heart pumping and put a smile on your face

Put some fun into your workout, Parrothead style

30 minute cardio workout for seniors

A fun way to get your recommended daily cardio done

Great for when you want a little more intensity

Enjoy a great calorie burn while toning numerous muscle groups and honing your balance

Crack a smile while you break a sweat

Low on energy? Get moving!

Great for those with mobility chllenges or injuries

Boost your energy and your mood

exercise to relieve stress

Relax your body and put your mind at ease

Perfect for when you’re low on energy or are recovering from injury, illness or surgery

seated cardio

Get your heart rate up and tone your muscles

Upbeat music and enjoyable moves make cardio fun!

endurance building workout

Rev up your metabolism

Zumba for beginners

A medium-paced routine anyone can do

fun cardio workout

Boost your blood flow and your energy level

aerobic workout for seniors

Getting your cardio done can be so much fun!

Fit your cardio in during your mid-day break

35 minute zumba

A workout for your body and mind

As good for your body as it is fun

Strengthen your heart, lungs, immune system, muscles and brain 

A low impact cardio exercise to get your blood flowing and help you tackle your day.
Break a sweat and burn some serious calories with this higher-intensity cardio workout.
This medium-intensity 30-minute cardio workout will boost your energy and your mood.
Change things up with this fun, Latin-inspired cardio workout

Blast fat and get your heart rate up. Great for when you’re short on time!

Gain all the benefits of a standing workout while seated in a chair for low impact. 

Burn lots of calories in less than 15 minutes.

Great for new exercisers or when you’re not feeling 100%

Perfect for a quick energy boost

Learn the moves to this fun Latin dance workout

A high energy workout to banish the afternoon slump

Learn this energizing Latin dance and break a sweat

Feel the flow of this sensual Latin dance

Get moving, rev up your metabolism and have some fun

Boost your metabolism in just 10 minutes

Let’s get your blood pumping!

A quick, peppy routine to release tension

Shake up your routine with this 20 minute fat burning HIIT workout

A high energy, fast moving, calorie burning routine

This music will make you want to move!

Shake off some stress with this uplifting HIIT routine

Take your mind to a fun place and do your body good

Get your groove on with this fun and easy routine

Let’s travel to Europe, Africa and beyond with this fun mashup

Get your cardio done and rev up your immune system

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get fit

Challenge yourself and build endurance with a longer Zumba routine

Improve your endurance, strength and balance in one workout

Improve your cardiac health and boost your mood

Strengthen your  muscles and your metabolism

Have some fun with hand claps and fast footwork

Learn basic dance steps and have fun grooving

Challenge your brain and every muscle in your body

Cardio, core and balance all in one