Senior Cardio Workouts

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A low impact cardio exercise to get your blood flowing and help you tackle your day.
Break a sweat and burn some serious calories with this higher-intensity cardio workout.
This medium-intensity 30-minute cardio workout will boost your energy and your mood.
Change things up with this fun, Latin-inspired cardio workout

Blast fat and get your heart rate up. Great for when you’re short on time!

Gain all the benefits of a standing workout while seated in a chair for low impact. 

Burn lots of calories in less than 15 minutes.

Great for new exercisers or when you’re not feeling 100%

Perfect for a quick energy boost

Learn the moves to this fun Latin dance workout

A high energy workout to banish the afternoon slump

Learn this energizing Latin dance and break a sweat

Feel the flow of this sensual Latin dance

Get moving, rev up your metabolism and have some fun

Rev up your metabolism in just 10 minutes