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get rid of stiff joints

Gentle moves to loosen up stiff joints and muscles in the morning

Unlock stiff fingers in the morning

Relieve lower back pain and stiffness with this low-intensity stretching exercise.
Relieve foot pain with this exercise series done three times per week.
I share 7 of my favorite creams, gels and other products to relieve pain effectively.
Relieve knee pain by strengthening the muscles that surround the knee.
Loosen up your stiff back and reduce pain with this exercise series on a mat or bed.
Relieve hand pain caused by arthritis, neuropathy and more.
Relieve foot pain and loosen stiff joints caused by arthritis

These at-home exercises will help relieve neck and shoulder pain

Conquer morning stiffness before even getting out of bed

Loosen up that annoying and painful stiff neck

Try these to ease your sciatica nerve pain

Promote healing blood flow to the spine using a stability ball

Release tension and muscle stiffness with these standing back stretches

Unlock tightness in the hips, glutes, and hamstringsĀ for low back relief

Surgery isn’t the only option!

Get your circulation going, lubricate the joints and relax tense muscles

Relieve inflammation and increase mobility

Increase stability and alleviate pain

Find relief with massage, stretching and gentle movementĀ