Many folks have asked me through the years if there was a way to measure their level of fitness based on their age. Good question, because how do you know if all your workout efforts are providing positive results?

This senior fitness test was designed to do just that. It’s simple to do in the comfort of your home and was developed by doctors at the University of Fullerton in California. This senior fitness assessment has become a well-accepted protocol for testing the fitness of older adults and testing the effectiveness of their workout routines. Remember, the goal is to help you maintain your independence!

This fitness test is also a good tool to refer back to from time to time to check in on yourself. Are you slipping backwards, are you maintaining, or are you maybe even improving? Finally having these assessments is a tremendous benefit for our age group!

Take charge of your health. Do one test a day or knock them all out at once to see where you stand. And no worries if you need improvement in any of the areas; in the second half of the video, I’ve included a section on tips to improve on each exercise.

You can find many more resources in our Free Fitness Library to help work on your weak points, including:

Let’s meet the challenges of aging head on and be aware of what we need to work on.