Senior Strength Workouts

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Build muscle tone while maintaining your ability to get up and down from the floor

Tone the muscles in your upper body, lower body and core

TheraBands aren’t just for physical therapy

Boost the impact of your ordinary walk

Build strength and muscle tone in just 10 minutes

Change it up with a floor workout with weights

Strengthen muscles, bones and joints

Three exercises to get better at getting up and down from the floor

No fancy equipment? No problem!

Target the stubborn “overhang” around your midsection

hip surgery rehab exercises

Speed up your recovery and prevent complications

Build and maintain muscle over 50

upper body strength exercises

Build strength and maintain flexibility

Ward off the loss of muscle mass and mobility

Learn how to decide which size weights to use

It’s so important as we age

Keep those bones and muscles in working order

medicine ball full body workout

Build strength, stability and coordination

muffin top workout

Let’s get rid of those love handles

Stop muscle atrophy in its tracks

Use these tools to regain strength in your wrists and hands
Blast away fat in the stubborn midsection
Get toned, sculpted arms in just 15 minutes a day, 2-3 days per week.
Fight osteoporosis and osteopenia with diet and exercise

Exercises to do with a stability ball

Strengthen muscles and bones with resistance training

Firm and tone your gluteus maximus

Increase your lower body strength

Change up your handheld weight routine with resistance bands

Strengthen and tone your abs without getting on the floor for crunches

Build upper and lower body strength using dumbbells

Strengthen your core, ease low back pain and improve balance

A two-in-one strength and cardio workout

Keep wrists strong and mobile

Switch it up and work out your abs while standing

Strengthen your ankles for a solid foundation

Stay active and independent by maintaining muscle mass

Gain definition and build muscle mass

Tone the dreaded “bat wings”

Work the muscles of your core, arms and back

Maintain strength and ward off osteoporosis

Improve stability, prevent falls and ward off hip and knee pain

Make your workout do double duty and prevent injuries

Challenge new muscles and target your core

Slow the aging process and ward off muscle loss

Build a strong foundation and ward off lower body pain

Whittle away stubborn abdominal fat

Get your heart pumping, sharpen your brain, sculpt your muscles and work on your balance

Feel more confident in your shorts and swimwear