Whether you’re 55, 65, 75 or beyond, it’s never too late to boost your energy, relieve pain and improve your health through exercise!

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Ease into fitness and build a healthy exercise routine.


Flatten your midsection, strengthen your core and feel better in your clothes.


Tone every major muscle group, exercise your heart and increase your flexibility. 

15 minute workout videos
15 minute workout videos

What My Senior Fitness Students Are Saying

“You and your videos have changed my life. Before I began, I was having difficulty rising from a chair, walked with great difficulty in my unlevel yard, and had limited upper and lower body flexibility. I was unsteady on my feet. I felt 90. Since I began in early December, I have regained my flexibility and strength. I’ve lost over 50 pounds, too. I have a new lease on life!”

Georgeanne S.

“I have been doing your exercise videos for quite some time now. I am now 75 and still in great shape. I can keep up with you very well. I respect your knowledge of the body and I am so full of energy almost all the time. Thank you so much for your videos.”

Angela P.

“Having just completed my 80th trip around the sun I am more fit, healthy, energetic and happy than I was at 40. Cindy and her workouts have played a huge part in getting me there.” 

Cynthia B.

“Cindy, I sure do love your classes. Thanks so much for your motivation. You’re a great instructor.”

Carol S.

“A year ago I went for my annual wellness exam and my bloodwork came back not so great. I was also a bit overweight (I am almost 69 years old this year). I found your programs on YouTube and started working with them from last year right up to now. I workout every other day on a regular schedule and love the fact you have so much out there. I just went for my annual wellness exam and was surprised and thrilled to see that ALL of my numbers have improved; some significantly! Even thyroid levels improved. AND I lost 6 pounds along the way! I feel so much more energy to get through the day and can now fit into jeans I could no longer wear and they fit perfect!”

Gayle B.

“I am 81 years old. Exercise has never been attractive to me. It’s always so much work! During the pandemic, though, stuck at home, I desperately needed something. I searched online and found your website. The first video I tried was one of the Zumba videos. You made it almost enjoyable to exercise! I’ve been doing various videos ever since. The other day my doctor asked me what made the difference so that I’ve been able to exercise 4–5 days/week. The honest answer is YOU!”

Ginny W.

“I started with your workouts in early February. I average an hour every day. Now, in May, I almost never take Naproxen for back pain or shoulder pain anymore. I’ve lost about 8 pounds of belly fat, and I never miss my morning workouts. There is almost no stiffness in any of my joints. And I’m having a BLAST!”

Missy J.

One Student’s Life Changing Story

The Fitness With Cindy Philosophy


Feeling good means being able to see the world, play with your grandchildren, maintain your independence and enjoy life. None of it can happen without your health!

My senior workout videos and articles will give you the tools you need to fight pain, boost energy and overcome the unique challenges (or as I like to call them, adventures!) we face as we age.

Latest Senior Workout Videos

Boxing Workout For Seniors

Boxing Workout For Seniors

This is a 15-minute boxing workout for seniors that will burn calories, build strength, challenge your balance and boost your mood.