Senior Stretch Videos

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A seated yoga practice to relieve pain and stiffness while improving mobility

A 30-minute senior workout featuring a combination of a warm up, stretching and weights.

Prepare your body and mind for a restful night of sleep

seated stretch for seniors

A 15-minute stretch done fully in a chair

45 minutes of my signature ‘Fitness Blend’ combining stretching and strength

Gently awaken the body and relieve stiffness

Loosen up your muscles in new ways

upper body stretches

Keep the muscles and joints of your upper body flexibile

weekend workout

A full-body experience to start the weekend–or any day–feeling great

Awaken the body before going about your day

qigong for flexibility

Improve your range of motion and relax your mind

pickleball exercises

Strengthen your game with balance and agility training

Energize your body and calm your mind

Do this short stretching exercise in the morning or evening to unlock your joints and increase your mobility.
Keep your body’s most important joints loose and mobile with this 15 minute stretch routine.
Try this 5-minute series of bedtime stretches for a relaxing, good night’s sleep

Do these when you’re on vacation… or just want to feel like you are!

Stretch tight hamstrings to reduce low back and hip pain

Loosen up your body and energize your mind with this ancient practice

Relieve back pain, hip stiffness and more

Reduce anxiety and increase mobility

Lenthen and cool down muscles after a walk

Ease stress and anxiety with this ancient Chinese practice

Energize your body and get ready for the day

A gentle mix of stretching and weights using a chair

Stand taller and alleviate pain

Start with 10 or 20 minutes and work your way up to the full 40