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Relieve lower back pain and stiffness with this low-intensity stretching exercise.
Relieve foot pain with this exercise series done three times per week.
I share 7 of my favorite creams, gels and other products to relieve pain effectively.
Relieve knee pain by strengthening the muscles that surround the knee.
Loosen up your stiff back and reduce pain with this exercise series on a mat or bed.
Relieve hand pain caused by arthritis, neuropathy and more.
Relieve foot pain and loosen stiff joints caused by arthritis

These at-home exercises will help relieve neck and shoulder pain

Conquer morning stiffness before even getting out of bed

Loosen up that annoying and painful stiff neck

Try these to ease your sciatica nerve pain

Promote healing blood flow to the spine using a stability ball

Release tension and muscle stiffness with these standing back stretches

Unlock tightness in the hips, glutes, and hamstrings for low back relief

Surgery isn’t the only option!

Get your circulation going, lubricate the joints and relax tense muscles

Relieve inflammation and increase mobility

Increase stability and alleviate pain

A low impact cardio exercise to get your blood flowing and help you tackle your day.
Break a sweat and burn some serious calories with this higher-intensity cardio workout.
This medium-intensity 30-minute cardio workout will boost your energy and your mood.
Change things up with this fun, Latin-inspired cardio workout

Blast fat and get your heart rate up. Great for when you’re short on time!

Gain all the benefits of a standing workout while seated in a chair for low impact. 

Burn lots of calories in less than 15 minutes.

Great for new exercisers or when you’re not feeling 100%

Perfect for a quick energy boost

Learn the moves to this fun Latin dance workout

A high energy workout to banish the afternoon slump

Learn this energizing Latin dance and break a sweat

Feel the flow of this sensual Latin dance

Get moving, rev up your metabolism and have some fun

Boost your metabolism in just 10 minutes

Let’s get your blood pumping!

A quick, peppy routine to release tension

Shake up your routine with this 20 minute fat burning HIIT workout

A high energy, fast moving, calorie burning routine

This music will make you want to move! 

Shake off some stress with this uplifting HIIT routine

Take your mind to a fun place and do your body good

Get your groove on with this fun and easy routine

Let’s travel to Europe, Africa and beyond with this fun mashup

Get your cardio done and rev up your immune system

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get fit

Challenge yourself and build endurance with a longer Zumba routine

Improve your endurance, strength and balance in one workout

Improve your cardiac health and boost your mood

Strengthen your muscles and your metabolism

Have some fun with hand claps and fast footwork

Learn basic dance steps and have fun grooving

Challenge your brain and every muscle in your body

Do this short stretching exercise in the morning or evening to unlock your joints and increase your mobility.
Keep your body’s most important joints loose and mobile with this 15 minute stretch routine.
Try this 5-minute series of bedtime stretches for a relaxing, good night’s sleep

Do these when you’re on vacation… or just want to feel like you are!

Stretch tight hamstrings to reduce low back and hip pain

Loosen up your body and energize your mind with this ancient practice

Relieve back pain, hip stiffness and more

Reduce anxiety and increase mobility

Lengthen and cool down muscles after your walk

Ease stress and anxiety with this ancient Chinese practice

Energize your body and get ready for the day

A gentle mix of stretching and weights using a chair

Use these tools to regain strength in your wrists and hands
Blast away fat in the stubborn midsection
Get toned, sculpted arms in just 15 minutes a day, 2-3 days per week.
Fight osteoporosis and osteopenia with diet and exercise

Exercises to do with a stability ball

Strengthen muscles and bones with resistance training

Firm and tone your gluteus maximus

Increase your lower body strength

Change up your handheld weight routine with resistance bands

Strengthen and tone your abs without getting on the floor for crunches

Build upper and lower body strength using dumbbells

Strengthen your core, ease low back pain and improve balance

A two-in-one strength and cardio workout

Keep wrists strong and mobile

Switch it up and work out your abs while standing

Strengthen your ankles for a solid foundation

Stay active and independent by maintaining muscle mass

Gain definition and build muscle mass

Tone the dreaded “bat wings”

Work the muscles of your core, arms and back

Maintain strength and ward off osteoporosis

Improve stability, prevent falls and ward off hip and knee pain

Make your workout do double duty and prevent injuries

Challenge new muscles and target your core

Slow the aging process and ward off muscle loss


Improve your balance and help prevent falls

Keep your reflexes sharp for when you stumble

Strengthen your proprioceptive system