bedtime tai chi

This short and simple bedtime Tai Chi practice will help prepare your body and mind to have a more restful night of sleep.

In the morning after we wake up, we begin to prepare for our day.

But how many prepare for their night?

Perhaps like many of you, when you were raising a family and working as well, many a night I just brushed my teeth and fell into bed.

Now that life is not quite as busy, I want to become more disciplined in setting up for a restful sleep (not fall asleep in front of my favorite TV show!).

It is not easy to change past habits, but if it can lead to better health, it is surely worth a try.

Sleep is the time when our body can rest and repair itself.

Special hormones are released in a good sleep which help to repair our tissue and allow for growth. It is essential as well for cognitive health because the brain burns calories during the day and at night during relaxation, the waste from this work can more easily be removed.

This allows for clearer thinking the next day, as well as less aging of the brain.

Tips For Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

  • Try to adhere to a set bedtime routine and time every day.
  • Turn off devices such as your phone and TV before you start your routine.
  • Keep your bedroom cool and dark.
  • Free your thoughts with either a good stretch, a Tai Chi routine like the one below, yoga, or just some relaxing music or white noise.
  • Limit naps, large meals, coffee, and alcohol too close to bedtime.
  • Once in bed, calm your thoughts by either using breathing practices or some short prayers.

As seniors, we should be aiming for a good 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep a night.

Try a routine for a few weeks and if you are still left with a restless night, it might be a good discussion to have with your doctor.

We all want to feel our best, keep a good immune system and ward off disease, so let’s not discount the importance of a good night’s sleep.


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