endurance building workout

Let’s rev up our metabolism with an endurance building workout!

While moderate intensity is good for most days of the week in our age group, working at a higher intensity once in a while can help burn more calories and increase our fitness level.

Sometimes we get caught up in the same old, same old and both our mind and body can become complacent and bored.

We forget that aside from just maintaining our fitness level, it is possible to improve it as well.

The good thing about an endurance building workout video is that you can build up your stamina by doing maybe 10 minutes of the routine one day a week and gradually adding 5 more minutes every week until you are up to the complete 30 minutes.

Having a goal like this can help keep us motivated by giving us something to work toward.

And let’s again remind ourselves why we must get our cardio in:

-Improved heart health

-Maintaining a healthy weight

-Good delivery of oxygen to all parts of the body

-Lower blood pressure

-Keeping our brain sharp

-Improving our sleep

The list is ever growing as to why we should get moving, so I’m glad many of you do just that.

So give this new one a try and HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!

And once you’ve mastered this video, we have dozens more cardio workouts to move onto in our free fitness library.

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