Neck and shoulder pain

Suffering from a sore neck and shoulders? These exercises are for you.

What Causes Sore Neck and Shoulders?

Stooping over the computer, the steering wheel of your car or your dining room table can change your upper back posture into a more rounded position.

This can pull on the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the neck, shoulders and upper back.

Working with your arms overhead can also place access strain on the shoulder joints.

Repetitive motion with or without weight can overwork those same muscles as well.

Even an old injury can rear its ugly head.

This week’s exercise series will help relieve your sore neck and shoulders.

If the pain is excruciating or doesn’t start to feel better with some of the below suggestions, by all means speak to your doctor to make sure you are not further inflaming the shoulder by not getting the proper care needed to heal.

My suggestion is to start with some slow range of motion moves like those shown in the video.

This will help to supply the blood and synovial fluid to the area, helping to give it the nutrients and oxygen needed to heal as well as break up any knots or inflammation.

If any motion hurts, back away and do a shorter range of motion until the pain decreases. Work at little on the moves morning, afternoon and evening to gain relief.

Also, try wetting a towel, throwing it in the microwave and placing it across your shoulders to relax the muscles.

Likewise, have another towel ready in the freezer ready to use after the heat to bring down the inflammation.

20 minutes warm and 20 minutes cold: this is known as contrast therapy and has proven successful for healing many injuries.

Give the video a try three times a day for a week, and avoid heavy overuse so the shoulders have time to heal.

If it helps, continue on for another week. If you don’t see improvement, a trip to you physician may be wise.

Good luck and here’s to FEELING GOOD!

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