pickleball exercises to improve your game

These pickleball exercises will improve your game… or simply your flexibility, agility and balance!

What Is Pickleball?

Pickleball is a court sport that incorporates elements of paddleball, badminton and tennis.

Played with a paddle, pickleball easy to get the hang of and can be quite a workout once you get going!

And, because it’s typically played between two teams of two players, it’s a highly social game, which is great for helping us maintain those important social connections.

Why Do Pickleball Exercises?

In order to perform your best in any sport, activity, or daily routine, it is wise to prepare your body by increasing circulation to the joints and muscles.

This will help loosen up the joints and warm the muscles in order to obtain your best range of motion, strength, and balance.

A good warm up will also help you prepare mentally for the task at hand and make it easier to move more swiftly through your game or day.

Even more important is preventing injury that comes from the body not being ready for the demands placed on it.

Warm ups allow you to continue to enjoy your sport and activities pain free.

So why not achieve your best performance and continue to have fun, by giving some of these pickleball exercises a try.


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