floor workout with weights for seniors

By audience request, this is a floor workout with weights for seniors that will promote longevity and continued independence.

For many of us, it is still possible to become stronger and healthier as each year passes by. 

Even warding off physical decline and maintaining our health is another smart goal.

How do we do this? By making our health and fitness a priority.

You wouldn’t allow your car to rust away and become unusable.

You try to keep up on its maintenance in an effort to keep it running smoothly and without glitches.

In a similar manner, we should do the same for our own well being.

Yes, we will all have a few setbacks, but it is well to keep in mind that the body is an amazing machine and given the proper attention over time, it can recover and improve.

And sometimes we just have to be patient.

What Does This Have To Do With A Floor Workout?

Well, we all know how important it is to stay vigilant about keeping our muscles and bones strong and resilient.

Basically, one of the ways I see to stay the course is to mix it up and challenge yourself from time to time, helping ward off boredom.

If you have your favorite forms of exercise or workout videos, that’s okay too, but you’ll strengthen both mind and body by doing something different once in a while.

Not using our muscles and avoiding doing weight or resistance training a few times a week will result in a faster decline in our strength and mobility.

That is why I appreciate all the suggestions from our audience to do a floor workout with weights to change it up.

This video can even be done on a firm mattress.

So, grab your weights–this is a good set if you need some–and mat and let’s get stronger every year that we age instead of declining!


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