stretching exercises for seniors

These stretching exercises for seniors will help keep our muscles and joints flexible so we can move freely through our day without pain or stiffness.

Why Do Stretching Exercises For Seniors?

As we age, tasks that were once simple like putting on your shoes or slipping on your seat belt sometimes become more challenging.

This is not unusual as our muscles and joints change as we age.

The good news is that with a little determination we can still remain strong, mobile and active with dedication to exercise.

It doesn’t take much, just some discipline to listen to your body and work the areas that you notice need some attention.

And flexibility is key to staying mobile and energized. It also helps avoid injuries.

Just like you wouldn’t depend on eating one food to keep you healthy, you shouldn’t rely on just cardio or strength alone to keep you in your best form.

Flexibility needs to be added to free up the joints and lengthen out tight muscles.

Gentle movement and stretching can do this.

How To Use These Stretches

Generally 15 to 20 minutes is all you need, or even less if you’re in a hurry.

You can do the full 15 minute video, or just pick one to two moves that work best for you and do them as needed throughout your day when you begin to feel tightness.

Be sure to keep breathing while you’re doing these stretches. Many of us have the tendency to hold our breath subconsciously.

Aging is inevitable, but fortunately we have the choice to help slow down the process so we can still live an active and fun life in these senior years.

Just keep moving!


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