medicine ball exercise for seniors

This medicine ball workout will slow down the aging process and help you stay strong and independent, maybe forever!

Wouldn’t that be something to celebrate?

Plus it’s only ten minutes long, so there’s no excuse not to fit it in.

Every day we make choices that help map out what our future can look like. And yes, we will have health challenges, that’s just life.

But let’s stay strong to meet those challenges with a bounce-back mentality and body.

Sarcopenia is the wasting away of our muscle mass due to the natural process of aging. It’s a major contributor to the increased prevalence of disability in the elderly. 

But scientists are finding over and over that it can be reversed with a healthy diet and exercise.

Just one small change a week can put us on a path of even better health.

Who doesn’t want to increase lifespan and quality of life?

So get up, get going and stay active. Try something new, like this medicine ball workout, or browse dozens of strength workouts in my fitness library here

Changing things up makes exercise interesting and less of a chore!

And it stimulates brain function.


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