walking with weightws workout

Walking with weights is a great way to build muscle while you are getting your cardio done.

And if you are limited on time, you can still get a good workout done in 10 minutes!

Benefits Of Walking With Weights

We know that muscle mass loss known as sarcopenia progresses faster as we age.

Inactivity will make the process happen even faster.

This can lead to a decline in functionality which may result in falls, frailty and an inability to perform our everyday tasks in an easy and safe manner.

Down the road before we know it, our independence could be jeopardized.

By picking up your weights a few times a week, you can help ward off weakness and lack of stamina brought on by inactivity throughout one’s day.

And more good news is it only takes 10 to 20 minutes two to three times a week to be effective!

A healthy diet and exercise can improve quality of life and increase lifespan, allowing us to participate in the things we enjoy most like family gatherings, golfing, walking with a friend, swimming or even just working in the garden.

And being healthy through diet and exercise makes us stronger to handle life’s challenges like helping  a loved one or family member in need of assistance.

Walking with weights is also a great way to add more calorie burn to your walk.

It is not suggested to use them every time you walk as it can cause imbalances in the body with weight distribution, but now and then is a good way to add some intensity and newness to your routine.

This video is designed to give you a few ideas on how to use the weights when walking or is even good to do inside your home on a bad weather day.

So grab your weights and let’s get started!


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