30 minute senior workout video

Let’s mix things up with a new fitness blend: my signature senior workout that includes a warm up, stretch, weights and a cool down.

Why do we have to mix things up? Think about your diet.

Eating the same thing over and over, even if healthy, may not get you all the nutrients your body needs.

Likewise, doing the same modality such as just weights or cardio leaves you lacking in other areas such as balance and flexibility.

To benefit the most from working out, you should aim to include all of the following practices and know why they should be part of your weekly program:

Cardio Activity. Aim for 150 minutes a week. Brisk walking, hiking, biking, pickleball, and swimming are just a few of the many things you can do to get your heart rate up. This will help to maintain a healthy weight, improve circulation, blood sugar levels, cognitive health and increase energy and endurance, just to name a few.

Strength Training. At least 2X’s a week using hand weights, resistance bands, or a medicine ball. The old saying ‘use it or lose it’ is so true in our senior years in order to avoid atrophy, the wasting away of muscle tissue that leads to weakness. And just as important, it continues to keep our bones strong.

Flexibility and Stretching. A minimum of 10 minutes every day. Yoga, Pilates, ballet stretches, and tai chi all deliver benefits that will aid in warding off stiffness, knotted muscles causing pain, and help in maintaining our range of motion.

Balance Practice. A couple of times a week. Simply standing on one leg, walking backwards and sideways, and simulating walking a plank are movements which will help stimulate your balance reflexes. This all to help us navigate safely in order to avoid injuring ourselves with an untimely fall.

It has been proven that all forms of exercise can help in reducing STRESS, and we all know at this age and in these times that is a huge benefit.

The takeaway is that by mixing your exercise plan up, you can actually be stronger, ward off boredom, and improve your overall fitness level.


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