Aerobic exercise

Are you getting your recommended 30 minutes a day to reap the benefits of aerobic exercise? 

If not, you’re missing out!

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

1. Improvement of your cardiovascular system    

Aerobic exercise improves the ability of the heart to deliver blood and oxygen to the muscles to maintain and improve their functionality for everyday living.

It also reduces the the wasting away of those muscles, which naturally occurs due to the aging process.

2. Strengthening the pulmonary system

Respiratory function actually declines as we age.

The lungs don’t work as well as our younger selves.

With aerobic activity we improve the lungs capacity to bring in air and expel  the damaging accumulation of carbon dioxide in our lungs helping get rid of that breathlessness we might feel upon exertion.

3. Slowing down the deterioration of the nervous system

Aerobic exercise wards off declines in memory, attention span, and the ability to process information in a timely manner.

4. Stopping the breakdown of the musculoskeletal system

Slowing down the loss of muscle mass, bone density, joint mobility, insulin sensitivity, increase in body fat, type 2 diabetes, and increases in blood pressure.

Not to mention exercise improves balance, with falls being a major factor for injuries in our age group.

5. Improving mental health

Exercise is a mood enhancer releasing feel-good endorphins to the body and reducing stress.

If you attend a class, it’s even better. You get to connect with the outside world to share experiences and life’s challenges with peers and avoid that isolated feeling of being alone thus helping ward of depression.


So much to gain for just 30 minutes of daily activity. GET MOVING by attending a class, doing one of our videos online, swimming, gardening, biking, line dancing or any other favorite activities that will aid you in FEELING GOOD!

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