back pain stretches

Back pain stretches and back strengthening are some of the most requested exercises I get in my classes.

It can sneak up on you even if you haven’t done anything to strain your back. What gives?

As we age, we become less active with more sitting than in our younger years.

The more we sit, the more the back muscles constrict and pull on our hips and spine, causing tightness, stiffness and possibly pain.

One of the best cures for this is to MOVE–but with intention. In other words, motion that targets the area where stiffness or pain can set in.

Why Do I Need Back Pain Stretches?

Back pain stretches:

-Increase flexibility

-Provide a better range of motion

-Improve bad posture that contributes to back strain

-Release the stress of clenching muscles when we experience that pain

-Improve the body’s ability to move safely when lifting and performing other daily activities

These stretches also improve circulation to the area to reduce inflammation and promote healing of stressed muscles, ligaments and tendons.

So get up and move with these back pain stretches, which take less than 10 minutes, whenever a twinge of tightness occurs.

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