balance practice exercises

Did you know that people who do balance practice exercises just naturally move with more elegance and confidence than folks who let this skill deteriorate?

It actually makes them appear more youthful than those who have to think about their every step when moving.

By practicing your balance, you also improve your posture, helping avoid a rounded, aged spine.

As we age, we may not even notice how much we sit and allow our muscles to diminish.

Our ability to catch ourselves from a slip or trip suffers as well.

Benefits of Balance Practice Exercises

Balance practice exercises help strengthen joints, stabilizer muscles, reaction time and even inner ear and brain health, all key components to good balance.

And the best news, it only takes five or ten minutes a couple of times a week!

This week’s video offers a few new moves to challenge you and change up your practice to keep it interesting.

Work at your own pace and stay dedicated and soon you should start to see an improvement and help avoid a fall…which we all want to avoid!


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