carpal tunnel relief

If you are experiencing pain from carpal tunnel syndrome, you know it can be anywhere from mild to almost excruciating. And carpal tunnel relief is not always immediate.

It takes dedication to stretching, massaging and bracing over a period of time to gradually bring down the pain levels.. Honestly, it took six months for me to get my carpal tunnel under control.

If the tissues are tight or inflamed in the wrist, they can pinch the median nerve and cause tingling, pain or both.

And because the median nerve runs from your shoulder down to your wrists, it can be felt anywhere along that chain. 

I want to share with you what helped me find carpal tunnel relief over an extended period with this video.

You will need to practice these exercises several weeks to benefit from them and see relief. They will include:

-Warming up and messaging the whole arm in order to break up the inflammation and increase circulation.

-Stretching to lengthen any knotted muscles, tendons or ligaments,

-Neck exercises to ensure it’s not coming from poor posture or the median nerve starting in your neck and radiating down to your wrist.

-My favorite products in order to share with you what helped me the most:

Try these and see which ones work for you because the carpal tunnel probably didn’t happen overnite nor will the relief.  If you continue to have pain after a month or it becomes unbearable, you may need to have a talk with your doctor.

But hoping the pain lessens soon. HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!