morning stiffness

Waking up stiff and sore due to arthritis can be a challenging start to your day. But what causes morning stiffness?

When we sleep, our whole system slows down. That includes our body’s anti-inflammatory proteins that normally combat stiffness and soreness when we’re awake.

Yes, our bodies have their own ibuprofen-like chemicals to help protect us. But sleep suppresses this process. You can read more about this fascinating process in this article!

So in order to jump start our engines (kind of like warming up your car) it’s very beneficial to do a few stretches in bed before you’re ready to start your morning routine.

Waking up your major muscles as well as feet and hands with these recommended morning stiffness exercises can give you a better and more encouraging start to your day.

Do a few before you get up, focusing mainly on the ones that target the areas where you need it most.

Consistency after a week should start you on a path of feeling more hopeful in having a good, less painful day.

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