Ever see someone try to get up from a chair and not make it on the first attempt?

Fail to pick up a 24 pack of water at Walmart and put it in their cart?

Struggle to climb more than a few steps on a stairway?

Struggle with balance issues on a daily basis?

No shame here, just the realization that “there goes I” unless I work at maintaining muscle mass. Which, by the way, deteriorates faster as we age than any years previously. That is simply part of the aging process where new cell production is not able to keep up with replacing old cells like when we were younger.

The good news is that study after study is proving that those who exercise are able to defy the aging process by warding off the loss of muscle mass and strength. Both of these are so important in being able to perform everyday tasks and look at aging not as something to be endured but something to be enjoyed.

So pick up your weights or water bottles and join me in these upper and lower body muscle building exercises to keep you strong, mobile and functionally fit.

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