christmas workout video

Need a little boost of energy? Join me for this 15-minute holiday workout.

We’ll start with a little cardio warm up then go right into some feel-good stretching. 

It’ll reduce stress, get rid of stiffness of the joints and muscles, regulate your breathing to give you more energy and best of all, improve your mood.

Some great holiday tunes just make the workout more enjoyable and 15 minutes will be gone in no time! 

.Just because it’s the holidays, there’s no need to cut out vital exercise. You want to be at your best for celebrating!

You can just modify your normal routine a bit to fit it into your busy schedule with a holiday workout like this one.

I know when I feel good, I am less irritable, more patient with others, able to feel gratitude, and have an overall sense of well being,

So… get off the couch, get out of your head and get moving. I bet you will be glad you did!

Have a great season and HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!

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