full body strength workout for older adults

This full body strength workout will tone the muscles in your upper body, lower body and core, promoting longevity and independence. 

We have more control over our longevity than we realize. 

Through lifestyle and nutrition choices, we can better shape our own aging process.

Even though genetics and medical complications may challenge us, there are still plenty of decisions we can make to help control how well we age.

The Importance Of Doing Resistance Training As You Age

Strength is high on the list of indicators of how well we age.

Muscular weakness can lead us down a road of frailty and overall lack of mobility if we neglect our resistance training.

Good muscular strength, on the other hand, can help keep us vibrant, mobile, high performing and more resistant to age related diseases.

Numerous studies have shown that the stronger our muscles and bones are, the slower we show signs of aging.

So how can we accomplish this?

One of the top priorities would be to stop sitting and move more.

Any kind of movement has to support your body weight and therefore utilizes both your muscles and bones.

Pick up a pair of weights (I like these ones) and use them a few times a week.

If you are not sure how, you can find numerous strength exercises for every part of the body here.

Another idea: pick up a resistance band a few times a week.

They are great for traveling and can be purchased at department stores or by clicking here for the set I use.

Need a little more motivation?

Review the benefits again for improving and maintaining overall body strength:

  • Good bone density
  • Better mobility and balance
  • Stronger muscles to burn more fat and handle daily activities
  • Increased calorie burn
  • Improve cognitive health
  • Less incidences of falling
  • Appealing muscle tone to sport yours sleeveless tops and shorts.

So let’s take charge and get up, get moving, and stay strong!


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