african dance workout

This 15-minute African dance workout is a great way to mix up your exercise routine and ward off boredom from doing the same old thing.

How fun the sounds of these African rhythms are!

The drums just make you want to MOVE.

African Dance Workout Background

Africa has a rich history of dance dating back centuries.

The continent’s many tribes each developed their own unique styles of dance, which were used in ceremonies like weddings, as part of religious rituals, and to pass on stories from generation to generation.

Learn more about the history of African dance here.

Dance remains an important part of African tradition today, and it has even made its way into fitness in the form of upbeat, rhythmic routines.

If you need a little energy boost at the start of your day or mid-afternoon, give this set a try.

You will get your heart pumping, blood flowing, boost your mood, and just be ready for more activity.

Remember, the best exercise practices are the ones you have fun with and will do, so mix it up.

By doing so, you will stimulate your brain (think cognitive health), test your skills, and start to hopefully see that the required exercise to maintain a healthy body can be fun.


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