25 minute fun cardio workout for seniors

This fun mind and body workout for my active agers is set to the theme songs from some of our favorite TV shows through the decades.

Give your brain some exercise and see if you can name that tune!

Benefits Of A Mind & Body Workout

There is a definite link between exercise and your brain.

That is because aerobic exercise strengthens your heart and blood vessels which increases blood flow to your brain.

The increased blood flow provides more oxygen and nutrients to the brain, helping to keep the brain healthy while also aiding in the removal of harmful plague.

This could be a great help in warding off dementia.

Regular aerobic activity has shown to reduce stress by releasing the feel-good chemicals of endorphins and dopamine.

The release of these chemicals can help rid your brain of the chemicals that cause stress and anxiety and lead to poor mental health.

Exercise is a great way to help keep your emotions under control and feel a bit happier.

Being active gives you more energy for your day, which will help to lead to a better night’s sleep which we all know improves mental clarity and cognitive health.

More studies have even gone so far as to prove that being consistent with an exercise routine can help improve both short term and long term memory.

So, What Is Regular Exercise?

It need not be a chore as it simply means getting moving.

Think of ways to be active that will work for you.

Perhaps walking your dog, trimming those bushes, raking the leaves, shoveling snow, dusting or sweeping around the house.

Any type of movement is beneficial compared to sitting for longer than 20 minutes.

I am also a big fan of instructor-led workouts.

These challenge your brain and body’s ability to follow, stay focused, and figure out the steps that the leader is demonstrating–just a great way to test both your physicality and brain power at the same time.

Try some of ours in our extensive fitness library.

So make sure you are adding movement to your daily routine to ensure both a healthy body and a healthy mind! 


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