arthritis pain relief

Movement is one of the best ways to find arthritis pain relief.

If you have arthritis pain, stiffness or achiness, one of the hardest things to do is get moving.

But, experts agree movement can be very effective in relieving the pain.  In fact, the Mayo Clinic calls exercise “crucial” for people suffering from arthritis. 

The key is doing the right kind of movement–not too intense, not pushing yourself to your limit.

Instead, exercises for arthritis pain relief get your circulation going to help your joints get lubricated and tense muscles relax so that your range of motion is not so limiting and hurtful.

Benefits of Arthritis Pain Relief Exercises

If you suffer from stiff, achy joints, a consistent exercise regimen will help:

-Strengthen the muscles around your joints, which helps them move with less pain

-Maintain bone strength, which is so important as we age to avoid fractures

-Comfortably complete everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning and personal care

-Sleep better at night

-Maintain a healthy weight

-Strengthen your balance, which helps prevent falls

-Improve your quality of life

Many times, just 10 minutes of dedicated exercise is all that it takes to feel better.

Give this 10 minute gentle routine a try and see if it brings you relief from your arthritis pain. 

You might also consider purchasing our DVD, Exercises for Arthritis Pain, where we devote more time to specific needs such as hands, feet, back, neck and more!

And I hope you are pain free soon.

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