Trigger finger exercises

Considering surgery? Try these at-home trigger finger exercises first!

I also recommend these flexible finger splints from Amazon. They’re easy to wear with no tape or straps and don’t

What is trigger finger?

Trigger finger is a condition where your finger gets stuck in a bent position and snaps when releasing, somewhat like a trigger on a gun. This can cause mild to severe pain.

It happens when the tendon that helps move your finger gets inflamed or develops a nodule on it.

This inhibits the tendon to glide smoothly through the pulley that bends the finger and it gets caught up, so to speak.

Here is an excellent article and picture of what happens.

There can be many causes of trigger finger, including overuse of the hands as in grasping tools repetitively, typing on the computer, using the hands in forceful pushing, pulling, or lifting, or maybe simply from arthritis or the inflammation that can accompany the aging process. 

How can I treat trigger finger without surgery?

There are a couple of trigger finger exercises you can try which are brought to you in this video. They involve using massage and movement to break up the inflammation and lack of mobility.

These need to be performed dutifully throughout your week in order to see improvement.

Other possibilities would include icing the inflamed area, as well as visiting your doctor for his recommendation which may include a cortisone shot to bring down the inflammation.

I hope you will give these a try.


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