upper back exercises for seniors

These upper back exercises will help you build the strong muscles and bones necessary to maintain good posture and much more. 

The Importance Of Upper Back Exercises

Gravity and the aging process as well as daily habits can start to take a toll on our spine, which can affect our ability to stand up straight.

A stooped posture over-stretches muscles that were not intended to be pulled in that fashion. This can result in pain in the back, hips and even knees.

Keeping the upper back muscles toned will help us maintain our range of motion and flexibility so that everyday tasks like pulling on a shirt, setting objects on overhead shelves, and pushing open a heavy door do not become too difficult.

Keeping your muscles and bones in the upper back strong and resilient can help protect your spine from injury.

And remember, whenever you use weights, you are strengthening your heart with each pumping motion you do–just an added reason to pick up those weights.

So try this ten minute video and remind yourself you are:

-Improving your posture

-Warding off injury

-Preventing pain

-Maintaining flexibility and range of motion

-Keeping your heart strong

Give it a go and HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!