senior cardio and strength training workout

This is a 25-minute cardio and strength training exercise for seniors that incorporates weights to tone your muscles while giving your heart a great workout!

We have published so many articles about the benefits of cardio exercise that I think we all get it–it does the body good.

Therefore I wanted to share with you some new ideas about exercising, or should I say moving, that are coming to light.

Studies are showing that just our one exercise class a day is not enough to continue to feel energetic and continue to maintain our best health or our ideal weight.

The key is to try and stay active throughout our day.

Not saying to go and take another class later in the day or evening (exhausting, right?), but mostly try to avoid sitting or being idle for too long of a period during the day, even if you did do an hour morning workout.


If you suddenly slow down your activity, your metabolism rate which controls how you use your food and burn calories also slows down.

This in turn can affect many processes of the human body such as insulin and glucose levels just to name a few.

How can we do this without feeling like all we do is exercise? Well, keep it simple.

Keep a check on how long you sit and after no more than an hour (30 minutes is even better), get up and move with something as simple as doing the laundry, light housekeeping, picking up your weights for 10 minutes or easiest of all, taking a walk or nice swim.

It is so true that a short casual walk after a meal or snack greatly improves your digestive system, which again determines how well our body uses the food we eat.

The main takeaway from new studies is to not just shut down during the second half of our day.

Find movement that is easy to work into your afternoon or evening so that you avoid  that sluggish or stiff feeling that comes from inactivity.

Together, let’s slow down the aging process.

In other words, keep moving and HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!