senior glute workout

There’s a new epidemic going around. It’s called gluteal amnesia, also known as “dead butt syndrome.”

It’s become widespread in recent years thanks to the increased amount of time folks are spending sitting in front of the TV, computer, desk jobs, or just living a sedentary lifestyle.

With prolonged sitting, the phrase “use it or lose it” definitely comes into play because the longer we sit, the more the tissues in our rear ends start to die off due to lack of motion.

Movement is what stimulates circulation to the area bringing the nutrients needed to feed the glute muscles and avoid “dead butt syndrome.”

Why is this a problem?

The glute muscles help stabilize the pelvic region and hip bones. If the muscles are weak or not firing properly, both low back and hip pain can plague you as well as balance and mobility issues.

While sitting less and incorporating simple movement like walking, biking, swimming, etc. may be enough, this at-home glute workout will not only fight the atrophy of these muscles but help give you a more toned and attractive look in your clothes.

Stay tuned: coming soon we will be releasing another glute workout video that can be done on the mat.

Here’s to FEELING GOOD and beating dead butt syndrome for good!