cardio and resistance workout for seniors

This 30-minute cardio and resistance workout for seniors will benefit your heart, muscles, brain and entire body.

I have a question for you.

Do you have to workout?


Do you get to workout?

As we age, it seems like there is more maintenance we have to do in order to stay healthy.

It can almost become overwhelming or even depressing: more doctors’ visits, more attention to food choices, ongoing awareness of cognitive health and more EXERCISE!

This week I read something that helped with facing this ongoing challenge.

It said, instead of saying “I have to,” say “I get to.”

Now there’s a thought! Here’s why:

If you are getting up the energy to exercise, remember the people who can only wish they moved half as good as you.

The article said it’s all in our perception and to remember with gratitude that we are blessed to be able to do these things.

With regards to working out, we sometimes forget the lesser-mentioned advantages of a workout:

  • Good music
  • Brain exercise
  • Improved balance
  • An end result of moving more easily through our day (think less stiffness, more strength and flexibility)
  • A healthier heart

When you really think about it, most of us are retired or semi-retired.

Working out does not have to be an eight-hour-a-day job.

30 minutes to an hour most days of the week should keep us on track for aging successfully.

And it can even be divided throughout our day into ten-minute segments.

So, the next time you are thinking, “I have to exercise today,” turn it around with “I GET to exercise today!”

Let us continue to be grateful and feel blessed for the ability to move.


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