chair cardio and weights workout

This chair cardio and weights workout is the perfect option for beginners, older exercisers and those days when you’re just not feeling up for a standing workout.

It’ll get your heart rate up, tone your muscles and finish with a final stretch to leave you feeling great. 

Benefits Of A Chair Cardio Workout

Sometimes just the thought of exercising can make you feel exhausted.

Or perhaps you’re healing from an injury, illness, or experiencing limited mobility. 

You may just be new to exercise.

Don’t be defeated. Any way you can get moving will help improve your well-being. 

Working out while seated in a chair offers all the benefits of exercise with less of a strain on your body. 

It puts you at a lower risk for falls and requires less mobility than a standing workout. 

And we can’t forget the many benefits of strength training, which doesn’t have to mean lifting heavy weights. 

Strength training helps maintain our muscle mass and bone density, both of which are crucial to living independently for as long as possible. 

Strength training helps reduce pain by keeping everything in proper alignment and allowing us to do everyday tasks more easily. 

So whether you do 5, 10, or the whole 20 minutes of this chair workout, you can be on the road to better health.

Unfortunately, as we age, our engines need a little push to help keep all the parts moving smoothly, so that we can fully enjoy the things that bring us pleasure in these senior years (travel, hobbies, grandchildren, good friends, and more!)

The hardest part is getting started. 

If you find this video is still a little too challenging, try this milder seated exercise routine here

Both routines offer a mix of cardio, weights and a feel-good stretch. 

Give it a try to be on the road to being your best self and let me know how you do.


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