chair yoga for seniors

This chair yoga practice for seniors will help reduce pain and stiffness while improving your flexibility.

Many folks experience stiffness or a lack of mobility, which can lead to aches and pains and cause a lack of desire to move.

Folks want to feel better, but are often unsure or unguided as to what they can do.

Chair yoga is a great way to ease into getting going by using gentle movement to lubricate the joints and improve circulation to aid in feeling better.

It is also helpful in calming the nervous system by improving breathing and promoting a sense of well being.

Some people are afraid of yoga because of the numerous poses they have seen associated with this practice.

That doesn’t need to be the case.

Just some simple moves that are easy to do can make a big difference and give you an improved sense of wellbeing.

And working on it at home allows you to choose the moves that feel good to you and decide how long you want to practice.

Remember, consistency is key!

To see results, stay the course for a few weeks in order to experience real improvement.

Give it a go and hope you feel better and better!


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