compound training

With this compound training workout, it’s bye bye, bat wings and hello, strong hips!

What is compound training?

It’s a method that allows us to see the benefits of alternating between the upper body and lower body with regards to weight training.

Many times, in an effort to give it their best, folks tend to over-train and wonder why one to two days later, they feel worse instead of better. 

Compound training prevents this while giving you more bang for your buck, so to speak. 

The upper body work can get tiring, and resting in between gives those shoulders and arms a few minutes break while we do the lower body muscles.

Because muscles need a day of rest in between sessions, you can also choose to do upper body one day and the lower body the next.

And keep in mind, strength building with weights, bands, etc. needs to be done only two to three times a week so that those muscles have an active recovery time to totally heal as opposed to tearing beyond repair…did someone say surgery?

Each year our muscles atrophy (waste away) faster than the year before.

So, it is wise to get your strength training in if you want to remain independent as long as possible and move through your active daily living with good balance and ease of performing most tasks.

So grab some weights and let’s sculpt those arms and get those hips strong for our next bone density test.