Ever trip over a curb, rug, step, or piece of furniture and go stumbling forward? You hope to catch yourself and hopefully you do, if your balance reflexes are what they should be. It’s in the falling that we depend on our muscle memory to kick in and help catch us.

Broken hips, wrists, backs and sprained ankles can all happen due to a bad fall. Balance is important to help prevent accidents that could injure us. If we have good balance, it’s also easier to move about in our everyday tasks of walking, climbing stairs, getting up and down, and simply getting dressed (can you put on your slacks without leaning against the bed or wall?).

Exercises To Improve Your Balance

Balance and core strengthening exercises are a great way to improve this muscle memory. When we are forced to feel a little uneasy by being off balance and almost falling, we improve these muscle reflexes. A strong core helps to keep our center of gravity in place as well.

Allow yourself to feel a little uncomfortable as you practice these exercises to improve your balance and prevent falls. You’ll gain more confidence, improved muscle memory and overall ease of moving about your day and enjoying your favorite activities. 

Pick Of The Month

My featured product this month is the Perfect Wrist Support by Wellgate.

I wear these when I need a little extra support in my hands and wrists, like doing work around the house. I also sometimes wear them when I’m sleeping to help promote good alignment and reduce pain. I highly recommend them!

You can pick one of these up from me by asking in class or by following this link to purchase.