fall prevention exercises

These fall prevention exercises will strengthen your body’s proprioception, which is necessary to keep us steady on our feet.

Proprioception…what a long word, but important where balance and fall prevention are concerned.

Proprioception is a complex series of muscle and nerve communications that tell your brain where your body is in space.

It allows you to move quickly and freely without having to consciously think about where you are in space or in your environment.

An example of this is your body’s ability to sense the surface you’re standing on, even when you’re not looking at the surface, and compensate for the change.

For instance, when you change from walking on a sidewalk to walking on a grassy surface, the nerves in your muscles and joints kick in and sense the difference to help you avoid a fall.

In this video, we work on fall prevention exercises that will improve our proprioception.

We also work on flexibility in the ankles to help create stability.

Understand that in order to improve proprioception, we must experience that feeling of unsteadiness in order to awaken and stimulate those nerves.

So in other words, you have to let yourself go off balance!

Get in the habit of doing these fall prevention exercises a few times a week, or even better, daily to work on those reflexes so they will kick in automatically when needed and stop that fall!

You can find more balance exercises in my fitness library here.

 Here’s to living life FEELING GOOD!  

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