HIIT workout

This video is a great example of a HIIT workout for seniors that does not include the extreme impact of burpees, squat jumps, power moves with dumbbells or other moves that could cause injuries for our age group.

What is HIIT?  

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

It’s a form of any regiment of exercise that alternates between intervals of short, high intensity aerobic exercise with lesser recovery periods.

Why Do A HIIT Workout For Seniors?  

There are many benefits of HIIT. It has been proven to be an excellent way to get your workout done in less time, burn more fat, improve insulin resistance, and greatly improve your cardiovascular fitness.

It is also a great way to change up your aerobic routine from the normal steady state routine so as to avoid boredom from doing the same program day after day.

How Often Should I Do a HIIT Workout For Seniors?  

Because of the tremendous amount of stress it places on the body, high intensity interval training should only be performed a couple of times a week with a 48 hour recovery period to allow the energy stores to replenish and muscle tissue to repair.

A low to moderate intensity workout can be done on the days in between.

Who can do HIIT?

People of all ages who are in good physical health and have been cleared by their physician for vigorous exercise.

Be certain to choose an appropriate level for your age group.

For example, let’s face it, a 20 year old’s HIIT program should look different from a 50 year old’s in order to avoid injury due to overtraining.

Who should not do HIIT?  

People who are recovering from an injury, are ill, are suffering from extreme osteoporosis, or are new and unfamiliar with the basic forms of exercises, have a compromised heart condition, and especially folks who have only been cleared by their physicians for low to moderate intensity workouts.


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