beginner cardio workout

This beginner cardio workout is perfect for if you’re new to exercise, not feeling up to pushing your limits, or just need something to get you moving!

Why Do A Beginner Cardio Workout?

You don’t necessarily have to go 100 miles an hour to reap the benefits of an exercise session.

All types of movement and speeds are good for the body. This low impact beginner cardio workout is especially beneficial if you’re:

– New to exercise, just starting to get acclimated to the moves and benefits

-Compromised by arthritis or joint pain where a higher intensity workout could cause even further damage to the affected pain areas

-Recovering from surgery and need to pace yourself as you gradually work your way into a more intense workout

-Pregnant, where high impact moves are not recommended in an exercise program

-Fighting obesity and finding it difficult to move without overstressing your joints on your way to increasing your workout intensity

-Someone who may have a busy day ahead of them but knows that just moving in a mild, controlled manner will get you energized without wearing you out

So do what you can: five minutes, ten minutes, and gradually add a little more time each week.

You will be surprised at your progress if you stay on track and be consistent.

Remind yourself of the benefits of increasing your energy, improving your cardiovascular health, lowering your body fat, blood pressure, osteoporosis, and keeping your insulin levels in check–just to name a few of the rewards of exercise.

Be persistent and know that you can get there. When you’re ready to take it up one more notch, move on to my Intermediate Cardio Workout.

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