video of a low impact cardio workout for beginners and after surgery or injury

This low impact cardio workout is for you if you’re new to exercise, not feeling energetic, or recovering from an injury, surgery or illness.

It’ll help you get the ball rolling whether you do just 5 minutes, 10 minutes or the full 15 minute routine!


Have you ever struggled with getting your cardio in? Many of us have from time to time.

You could be bored with the cardo you are doing. Or, you may even be struggling with recovering from an injury or surgery.

Maybe a change will help.

Mixing in a different format, music, time length, or instructor can help give you a little push toward doing what is good for your heart, brain, and overall health.

Tell yourself, today I will do 5, minutes, tomorrow 10 and build from there until you are back up to at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

I have read studies over and over that state just doing even 10 minutes of movement every day can be beneficial to improving your well being and equally important for your state of mind.

Why Do A Low Impact Cardio Workout?

The heart is a muscle that needs to be kept strong in order to keep pumping the necessary blood efficiently through our entire body to bring nutrients and oxygen to all the tissues. Then it carries back the waste products.

It is vital to sustain health for all parts of the body. And that is what cardio workouts do. So don’t neglect it!

This routine is how I worked to get back into cardio without overdoing it post hip surgery six weeks out with the doctor’s okay.

It is so easy that most people who are standing should be able to find a section of it that they can do either to get started, warm up, or energize easily.

Won’t you join me to keep the heart efficient and…HERE’S TO FEELING GOOD!

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