Let’s have fun and get it done…our cardio, that is. This low impact dance cardio workout will do just that.

Exercise doesn’t always have to be like work. If you are enjoying the music and the moves, you will be done before you know it and not even realize you have broken a good sweat. 

The more we sit, the more our muscles waste away. Getting moving is key to staying mobile and maintaining our health.

Exercise keeps our heart strong, keeps our blood sugar in check, wards off dementia, lowers our risk of chronic disease, maintains muscle and bone strength, makes us more resilient to life’s challenges and more. The list is endless. Better than many pills in a bottle.

Find your groove for getting moving or maybe give this low impact dance cardio workout routine a try until you decide what form of exercise motivates you.

Do what you can and keep practicing the moves until you have them mastered or just use the music to do your own favorite steps. Just get moving so you can stay moving!


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