lower body workout

Some folks choose to do a lower body workout one day and an upper body workout the next.

This is to avoid injury as muscles require a 48 hour repair window in order to properly heal the tears created by weight training.

This lower body workout video is designed with that idea in mind.

However, optional weights for the upper body have been added for folks that want those beneficial, time saving compound moves that also burn extra calories.

Why Do Lower Body Strengthening?

Lower body workouts have several benefits. They…

  • Create a stronger foundation for better balance
  • Help with arthritis and osteoporosis by strengthening muscles and bones 
  • Improve confidence of moving through you daily tasks
  • Can ward off hip, knee, and back pain
  • Increase stamina for fun activities like walking, golf ,tennis, cycling, etc.

This video is only 10 minutes long! Who can’t find 10 minutes to help avoid a nasty fall, hip injury or decline in ability to remain independent as long as possible?

So join me as we choose to remain strong and FEEL GOOD!

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