medicine ball exercises

I had never done medicine ball exercises before but had several requests for some ideas, so here are some easy moves to get started.

And wow, I am glad I tried this as it was fun, challenging in a new way, and made me hungry for tougher routines.

Benefits of Medicine Ball Exercises

After practicing several times and then filming, I definitely found deeper muscles in my core and back.

The next day, I was just the right amount of feel-good sore.

It was easy to see where adding a few more intense medicine ball moves in the weeks ahead would build more coordination, better balance, and with the chain of muscles involved, more toned arms and core.

What Is A Medicine Ball?

If you go to a gym, you’ve probably seen medicine balls stacked up on a rack. But if you’ve never used one, you might not be sure exactly what they’re for.

A medicine ball is a weighted ball that’s lifted and thrown to build muscle.

They come in different sizes and weights, just like dumbbells.

In addition to building muscle, medicine balls are useful in rehabilitation and for promoting coordination. They’re a diverse tool, hence their name “medicine” ball.

Order your own medicine ball by clicking here.

Give it a try and get back to me if you would like to expand the versatility of using a medicine ball.

Stay strong and healthy! You can find many more strength-building exercises here.

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