boxing workout for seniors

This is a 15-minute beginner boxing workout for seniors that will challenge both your body and your mind!

Boxing has been around for centuries and now has become a fun way to exercise and improve your physical fitness.

A boxing workout involves a lot of punching and arm movements, but because you have to push off the ground and rely on twisting to deliver a strong blow, the whole body gets a good overall workout and builds strength.

Along with all that movement comes aerobic activity, which can increase heart health and aid in weight loss as you burn all those calories.

The arm movements are many times coordinated with lunges, kicks, squats, bobbing, stances and more which will automatically fire up your balance reflexes.

Many Parkinson’s patients are encouraged to engage in boxing classes to improve their overall coordination and reduce their risk of falls.

Engaging in something different is great for brain health and by having to concentrate on the moves, you remove your thoughts from any worrisome situations and can use your punches to get rid of anxiety and reduce stress.

If you give this boxing workout a try, you may find you have a 15 minute workout done in no time and have some fun as well!


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