medicine ball full body workout

Mix up your strength training with this medicine ball full body workout!

Not only does your brain want to be challenged, but so do your muscles.

Trying a new form of exercise wakes up the muscles and sharpens your brain.

In this medicine ball full body workout video, moving in different planes will increase your flexibility, improve your balance and tone your arms, legs and midsection, but only if you commit to doing it a couple of times a week on alternate days.

With steady practice, you should also see an improvement in your stability and coordination.

Why is this important?

Dedication to exercise makes it possible to move more freely through our day with less effort and without tiring too quickly.

Folks whose bodies are used to moving avoid falls more often than those folks who are sedentary. They just tend to have better balance.

Perhaps most important of all is by staying strong and mobile, we can continue to remain healthy and independent for successful aging so that we can enjoy those things in our life that are most important to us without hesitation.


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