Medium impact aerobics

Let’s get going and do this 30-minute medium impact aerobics video together. 

It’s never too late to get started!

Benefits of Doing An Aerobics Video

Exercise has a positive effect on our immune system, which is so important right now.

The more we move, the more nutrients and fluids reach our vital organs and take away the toxins. This all promotes good health.

Also, the mind-body connection is so important as exercise increases blood flow to the brain to keep your cognitive ability sharp and ongoing.

Exercise is a known stress reducer and helps increase your sense of well-being, thus improving your mood.

Balance becomes steadier, muscles get stronger, the heart muscle gets strengthened, lung capacity gets larger, metabolism revs up to keep our weight under control and the risk for chronic disease gets reduced. Wow!

All this simply by making time for your daily 30 minutes of aerobic activity.

30 minutes is the perfect length of exercise to commit to each day.

If you can fit it in five days per week, you’ll be meeting the Mayo Clinic’s recommended weekly exercise duration of 150 minutes.

It’s so good for your body and mind…


So, join me for this medium impact aerobics video workout or find one more suited to your needs in our free fitness library


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