morning movement 10 minute video

This 10-minute morning movement video will help you gently ease into your day.

A good night’s sleep is wonderful, but sometimes we might wake up feeling stiff and achy, making us wonder if we can get our day going.

Yes, we can!

Why Does Morning Movement Help?

As we age, the cartilage between our joints dries out when we are inactive for several hours (i.e. when we’re sleeping!).

The synovial fluid needs a little boost to get to the joints and lubricate them so we move more easily. That boost is movement.

If you are apprehensive about trying to move when you are struggling already, you might think it impossible to exercise.

That is where some simple, gentle movement can do wonders.

Just working within your present range of motion and in a pain-free manner, the body can start to loosen up and help us feel better. Ready to do more! 

Whether it is upon rising or shortly after your morning beverage, find a series of moves that work for you.

It can be yoga, qigong, slow walking or an easy going routine like the one we are posting here.  

Try it for a week and hopefully you will find your day off to a more enjoyable start.


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