posture exercises

These posture exercises will help alleviate the unattractive slump that tends to happen as we age.

If you’re a people watcher like me, you’ve probably noticed that a few of us need a posture check.

Unfortunately, that tell-tale slump is part of the normal aging process.

Muscles and bones start to weaken and we find ourselves sitting longer at the computer, TV, and dinner table.

Sometimes we slouch even when we’re driving.

It’s estimated that a person can lose up to ½ inch in height every 10 years.

How To Use These Posture Exercises

The good news is that we can take steps to slow down this process with the following practices:

1. Simply being aware throughout our day of our posture. When you walk by a mirror, check your carriage, maybe put a sticky note on your computer to remind you to sit up straight or simply ask a friend to remind you if they catch you slouching.

2. One of the most important factors for keeping good posture is exercise. It is key in keeping the supporting muscles and bones of the spine in an upright position.

3. A healthy diet, which should include calcium and vitamin D to keep the bones healthy.

4. Limit alcohol use and do not smoke.

So, let’s all stand a little taller and practice these posture exercises.

They will help lessen hip and back pain and keep us from having that stooped posture that gives us that aged, less appealing look.

Which brings us to an added benefit of practicing our posture–shaving a few years off our appearance! 


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